Monday, 9 August 2010

Ravelry Inspirations

I have just joined Ravelry. A community website for knitters and crocheters (I never know how to say that! is it cro-shay-ers or cro-she-ters? any thoughts anyone?). Anyway I was having a look around and was looking at knitting and crocheting clubs in my area. There aren't many, 1 in Morecambe but that is evening which is not a good time for Mum and me and is quite a drive away and one at Lancaster Uni but that is only for Uni members. And so I go to thinking about having my own group when I have my own house and being able to advertise it on Ravelry. And that got me thinking a bit more about how many people would I have and would I have enough chairs and I had a little flash of inspiration! I would make a variety of floor cushions and people could cosy up and have a natter while letting our creative juices flowing!

So here are some pretty floor cushions that I could have fun making!

This is from Tipnut which includes sewing instructions (thank you very much tipnut!)

I love this idea of sitting around a table and these square cushions would be stackable!

So keep a look out for the finished projects coming up! 
(Now I know I keep saying keep a look out and I have all these plans that haven't made it to fruition yet but trust me they are coming! I am currently working on a storage box! Pictures will be uploaded and have been taken at various stages of creation for you to see)