Sunday, 8 May 2011

Art Class

I have been attending an art group called CathARTic which is for people with ME or other such disabilities. Now normally I go and make cards as I don't consider myself to be an artist. But we have a teacher coming for 10 weeks and this is week 2 (I missed week 1 due to having just got back from Cornwall) So I decided maybe I should have a go! Eeeekk!

Anyway first we did a colour wheel so we knew what colours we needed to use to make oranges, greens and purples! that was fairly easy though definitely not neat in my case! hehe

so here it is my drawing of the still life we had (and I do normally hate still life) 

I did have to ask for some one to one help as I literally didn't know where to start but the teacher was very good and showed me how to mark out in pencils squares/rectangles where each item was and how to then draw into the squares and paint once that was done.

This isn't completely finished as I ran out of time. some shading is probably required but for my first real piece of art work I'm quite happy with it. I also had some lovely comments from other members of the group. I was sat next to a professional artist and she said that it was good and I might find I'm a painter! That was really encouraging :-)

So lets see what next week has to offer and how I do!