Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May Craft Challenge

Well I am back in Blogland again, despite ill health. My dear Mama has given me her laptop now she has an ipad :-) 

I will be trying to do some catch up posts over the next few weeks and showing you around my little house here at the end of the world ... Lands End ;-)

However today I am linking up with Maria's monthly craft challenge. This months theme is Blossom and I just happened to make something that fits the theme. (no promises I'll be able to link up every month but we shall see)

So I made a Voile curtain for my hallway door.

I've had this material for ages! I mean years just waiting for the energy and the right project for it. 

I tried hanging up an ordinary net curtain but it wasn't full length and I hated it! I found this material and decided it would look very pretty there. It took me 4 times as long to pin it as it did to sew it and put it up! Flipping slippery material and uneven edges

I have to say from the second I hung it up I absolutely loved it!

As I stood back and looked at it my eye was drawn to a picture already hanging on the wall. 

They couldn't have been better matched if I had planned it.

What do you think? Mind you the most important thing is what I think. Have I mentioned I love it? :-)

So I hope you will pop over to Maria's Blog and see what she has made this month and if anyone else has joined in. 

Don't forget to pop back and see what else I have been doing to my little house.

See you soon