Top Tips

Here are my tried and tested household tips! I am eager to use as many natural and green products as I can and hope these tips will reflect this.


Can't afford to buy different coloured keys and have difficulty sorting out which key is which? Well I have a tip for you! Buy some cheap different colour nail might even have all you need in the house already...take you keys of the fob and paint both sides of the top of the key with several coats of nail varnish, wait for it to dry and then put them back on your keyring and you will be able to identify your keys much quicker and easier!


Put cat litter in your bin to combat smells! We use a wood cat litter. Our cat uses it and then sleeps in the litter tray (poor old girl!) and picks up no odours at all so it really works!  We have been putting it in the bottom of our bin as well as the bottom of the bag and then take the whole bin up to empty it into the wheelie bin so the litter is transferred to that bin too hopefully keeping the smell at bay in the wheelie bin too!

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