Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Look Blog

Hi welcome to my new look blog!

I've not been well today, I've been very tired, depressed, had a nasty headache and have had to stay in bed! So I have been thinking of updating this blog for a few days so I just started slowly looking for graphics and it has come together very quickly and I love the result! 

As the new banner didn't go with my old background I have had fun searching for a new one. Also the old blogger template didn't look good with the new look so THH has had a total makeover! New banner, new background and new fonts! I hope you like it too! 

A big thank you to Maria who made the original banner for THH! I loved it and I'm very grateful for the work you put into it for me. I'm a bit sad to retire it. You are my inspiration and I'm very happy now to have been able to make my own :-)

So how am I feeling now? Happy, and my headache has gone! Just goes to show how therapeutic creativity can be! And on this note I would like to tell you about my aim....To do a little creativity every day. It's too easy for that to be on Photoshop so I will make sure each day it is something different! To prove I am doing this I will be taking photo's and putting them on here. I'm just not sure if it will be daily or weekly but do keep an eye out! Would you like to join me?

Thanks for visiting! See you soon :-)


  1. thank you for the mention, its looking lovely and pink ;)
    Maria x

  2. you're welcome and thanks! I love pink it's so cheerful and girly! hehe xxx


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