Project Diary

Hi I thought it might be a good idea to let you know what I'm working on and how it's progressing! So here I will show you what I'm working on at present and put in the date I work on it and how much I do and maybe size!


Well my blanket is coming on well and I'm loving it all! Today I had to buy another ball of wool which means that's 5 balls now! I also bought the ribbon that will thread through and it looks great! here are the latest pics...

This is the border after the ribbon round has been done...

My first picot!

 The first picot round doesn't it look pretty?

Where I'm at with the row of chain in between picot rounds with the new ball of wool and the ribbon for the weaving. I reckon this will have cost me about £18 not including my time and loving care :-)


I thought I had added this blanket I am working on so I am actually nearly finished! so I'll let the pictures tell the story...

I'm loving the border! To start with I had to do double crochet (single crochet if you're American) and I was very impressed with what a pretty and professional finish it gave it. Next was a row of trebles (Double crochet USA) and again I love the finish especially the rounded corners which just looks right on a baby's blanket. As you will see from the pattern there are lots more rows to come. the next row is alternate trebles that when the blanket is finished I will be weaving ribbon through. and then after that come the picot rows. I'm not very good at picots but I bet I will be by the time it's finished!


I keep making mistakes and having to undo whole or part rows and on  top of that 2 butterflies will be different as I have made mistakes and didn't feel I could undo it all to rectify it! What do you think? Should I have gone back and done it right or is it important to keep small mistakes in to create individuality and the proof it's handmade? I was at a house once with a cross stitch of the Lord's Prayer on the wall with a spelling mistake in it. I'm sure it's the more valuable for it.

The difficulty with this pattern is that you have to read the pattern row by row, one left to right, the next right to left and my brain is struggling with it!


I've not been too well today so I have been resting while watching Wives and Daughters but I am up to 26 (or is it 28) rows now! here are the photo's


Today I have started a cot blanket for my friends baby due Feb 21st! It will be in filet crochet with butterflies in white with poss a pale green border all around! I have done 5 or 6 rows and started the butterflies and have fallen into the routine of it quickly! as with my other blanket I will try and update regularly with photo's so you cane see how it's growing! Update 12 rows on my first day!


for the past week I have been aiming to do at least 3 rows a day and I have been achieving it! So much so I have lost count of how many rows as I have done as many as 5 in one day! It's really growing fast now and it won't be long before it is finished unless I decide to add some decoration. I am now working from the bottom so I can match up the mint rows at each end of the blanket and it will mean the difference between the top and bottom will be indistinguishable.


I did another 4 rows today and have added a splash of colour! There is a good reason for this. Because this blanket is being made without a pattern I had no idea how much wool I would need and I'm struggling to get an exact match for the cream so I hope if I split up the cream with another colour the slight difference won't be obvious! We'll have to wait and see when i get to the point of a different shade but for the time being I have added the colour just to see what it looks like and I like it!


3 more rows completed

current size:~ 75 x 40 ins (191 x 102 cms approx)


The current size of my blanket is 154 Stitches by 50 Rows. I will do an actual measurement in cms and ins later :-)


I have done another 3 rows today! will measure it soon but it is looking good!


I'm working on this simple cream crochet blanket at present. Yesterday I managed 2 rows. (they are long rows! I'll add dimensions later) I am hoping that having to let you know how I'm getting on with it I will have more motivation to crack on with it! So... watch this space!


  1. Well from what I see in the picture, I think its beautiful! Keep up the great work xD The splash of color is a very nice touch.


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterflies xD It's going to be GORGEOUS! I just adore it!!

  3. thank you Linda! I am now working on another blanket because the butterflies were driving me mad sadly. I'm just about to add the new blanket on although I'm on the finishing now! xxx


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