Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Some Kitchen Bits Sorted

My mum has just got some new snazzy electronic talking scales and so I have now acquired her old ones! They are perfect although we only bought them last year they are old fashioned in style and will fit in perfectly with my shabby chic home! 

I just hope I have a big enough kitchen that I can have them on display on the surface!

The other thing I have done today is to sort out the food containers mum isn't using. 

Aren't they colourful? Some of them might be a bit small for food (even if there is only me) So I'm sure they will get put to good use for beads or other crafty bits.

I have found a basket I can use to keep them neatly contained so they could sit on a shelf and look a bit pretty or go in a cupboard and be easy to get out to choose the one I need!
All I need to do now is get on with finding a house! Well I mean there are lots of other things I could be doing to prepare, making things, sorting things, boxing things but I must get on with getting on peoples waiting lists otherwise I could still be here this time next year!

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  1. ooh I love the scales and you can never have too many boxes (storage is my one weakness!)

    Maria x


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