Sunday, 2 January 2011

Finished Scarves and New Projects

Well I don't want to overload you with lots of posts on one day so this post has lots of things instead!

I have finished some my friend Karen's Scarf

I've finished Dad's too but don't seem to have a photo of it so I'll put it on my finished projects page when I can. That page needs updating too.

So what's next? Well my best friend Sam (who thankfully doesn't read my blog) is having a baby at the end of Feb and I'm really excited about it! So I am going to make a cot blanket for the little one. I haven't totally set on a pattern yet so here are pics of all the patterns that are influencing me. 


I'm leaning towards the butterflies but with hearts added alternate rows. I like the cushion but may do that for my friend Amy whose baby is due in June. and the bird curtains I think I will have to do for my bathroom! And so the list of projects grows to 3 from just looking for 1!

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