Monday, 31 January 2011

New Phone, New Phone Case

Today I got a new phone! It's the poshest phone I've ever had! Touch screen and internet access (which I've yet to work out!) It's a Samsung Tocco Lite but being a 'girly' girl I had to go one better than just pink....

Can you see that?

Yup! It's a Hello Kitty phone!! I have had my eye on it for quite some time and I have saved up my catalogue commission and then got this phone in the sale so combining those factors this phone has cost me the grand total of .....£20 what a bargain!

After I had ordered it I decided I had to make a case to go with it. I had been told the phone would come tomorrow so I thought i had plenty of time to get it made. So I went hunting around the house for some (it had to be) pink wool and found this....

 This is a lovely mess of a ball of wool caused by our puppy dog Bess getting hold of a new ball and playing with it! I was in just the right frame of mood for untangling wool! Excited about my coming phone and the new case I would be making and my mind occupied by the television I quietly worked my way through it! It did take all evening but eventually I got to this...

One big ball, one smaller ball and 15 tiny ones! Now it is important to me that you know I did not cheat...that is I didn't use scissors once! The number of balls have been created by puppy dogs teeth! 

Sadly the next few days were not good ones and so it is with the arrival of my phone today that I have had to get on with making my new case and here it is...

and with the phone snuggly inside...

Do you like it? I do! I love my Phone case and especially my phone!!

So what do I like the most about my new phone after just a few hours play? I love the musical keypad for writing texts! it makes writing texts such fun!! I love the fact that I could receive a photo from my dear friend Maria (shhh! don't tell anyone she's been out buying wool again!) and I love the fact that when I'm listening to my music I can carry on doing all the other things I need to do on my phone like writing texts and exploring all the wonders that come from having a new phone! I am looking forward to finding out more about assigning MP3 music of my choice as a ring tone and as individual ring tone for my friends and I seem to see that I may be able to assign photo's to my contacts too! What fun! 

Well you might be enjoying this over excited missive from your fabulous IPhone and if so I will say I'm glad you have the best that mobile phones have to offer. I'm sure you're way too nice to say anything about how excited I'm getting over a phone way behind the amazing Apple technology but I am happy with my little phone and can aspire to get me an iphone in 4 or 5 years ;-) I'm used to being behind the times but still absolutely delighted with my beautiful phone!


  1. aww .... your phone is so cute and the case is perfect ... well done on un-tangling the wool, a good evenings work!
    I can't wait to see your phone in the flesh!
    Congrats on your new toy
    Maria x

  2. ooh thank you Maria! I'm glad you like it! yes you can have a play with my phone when we next meet up! xxx

  3. Lovely phone Teri, was surprised to see they do a Hello Kitty phone! Love the case and the colour co-ordination with the phone! Hope you're enjoying using the features. Must catch up with you soon, hope things are going well with you and the family, Brig XXX.


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