Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Project

Sadly the baby I was making my second blanket for hasn't made it on it's journey to this world and my heartfelt prayers are with this family right now. So I have put the blanket on hold (hopefully to pick it up if my friend gets pregnant again) and needed another project for now.

My friend Maria has been doing a
feature on her blog. One lovely crochet square a week so I have decided to join her and make me some squares for maybe a throw for my new home :-)

So here are my first 2 squares from weeks 1 and 2 from Maria's feature (she is currently on 4 so I have a little catching up to do)

The Crocodile Square

The Granny Square

Now I have been crocheting since I was young but do you know I have never done a granny square before? So this was a first for me and I have to say I do love it so I might make a few more to keep my hands busy and out of the biscuit tin hehe

Now my Granny square was a little smaller than the Crocodile square I pinned them together overnight to stretch the granny square a little


Well I hope you like my squares and I hope you'll pop over to Maria's blog and see what hers look like :-)

Happy crafting!


  1. ooh lovely squares Teri ... glad you are keeping your hands busy at such a sad time ... my love and prayers go out to your friend and her family x
    Maria x

  2. thank you Maria and thanks for the designs :-)

  3. I don't crochet, but if I did I think making squares would be fun, mixing colors, be sure to show us the finished project! You commented on my blog about the copying, I too want to find out more about what pictures can and cannot be copied, I am a little confused on that.


  4. Hi Carol,

    thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. I'll be uploading more of my squares as I make them and of course will show the finished project when it's done :-)

    My dad is a writer and apparently you have to send your self a copy of your work recorded delivery for it to be proof of an original design and should remain sealed until the need to prove your prior ownership but I'm sure most people don't bother especially when you're taking photo's daily! Which is why I would watermark anything I didn't want used by someone else. I'll pop over to your blog and share this info there too

    Love Teri xxx

  5. OK, now I am popping back to say thank you, so, basically unless people do the steps your dad said to protect their art work is is pretty impossible, you are right watermark it!



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