Monday, 28 February 2011

Sunday Sampler Catch Up and A Little late

I'm joining Maria of  Maria Divine with her 
                                                        I have done all her squares to date (some of them twice) and can't  wait to do this weeks! It's so pretty!

But I'm so enjoying whipping up these squares up that I've been scouring my crochet books for some more squares and even made some up myself! I am having lots of fun with it and can't wait to get started on making it up into a blanket. I will be making 2 blankets as some of them are done with a darker wool that's not really me so I'll be making it probably for mum :-)

These pictures are in groups according to size as I am going to make them into kind of a freeform blanket. so it doesn't matter that they are different sizes.




and here is a mosaic of them all so you can see them individually

I have also had a little bit of fun creating something my own...

I started with this pattern...

which made up looks like this...

But this is a bit smaller than I wanted and I thought I might be able to adapt the pattern to make it bigger
and I did! It looks like this...

and I love it! This picture doesn't do it justice!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my work and will also pop over to Maria's Blog to see her squares and other lovelies she has there.


  1. oh wow Teri, they are beautiful ... I love making them and hope you do too ... love the others that you have done too ... very pretty xx
    Maria x

  2. Hi Teri

    Your squares look great! this is one craft i am finding VERY hard to crack!!! But i think crochet squares look so beautiful and i LOVe you colour choices looks very pastel pretty :)

  3. oh Teri, how clever. I love your own designs. My favourite is the purple one. As you said on my blog, love the background to your header hehe xx

  4. What a talent you have! And more patience than I have, Your were commenting about cutting out the rose pictures....Lord I just cut out the page, not around the rose...Nope no patience LOL!


  5. Hi xD ~waves~ I thought I'd stop by..And WOW! I see your still creating Beautiful things. By the way..LOVE the Hello Kitty phone too, hehe. I've been putting some things on my blog the past couple of days, stop by sometime
    Its sad Ive had it over a year and just started using it LOL. Anyway was thinking about you, hope all is well! Take care :D


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