Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm Moving!

Hello all from a very excited Teri! I am finally moving back to Cornwall. the place that stole my heart when I was just 12 and was my home for 18 years is again going to be my home :-) I'm moving to help my friends out with their baby girl (My Goddaughter, Sarah) when her mum goes back to work. Initially I'll be staying with them but as they haven't got room for me I will be officially homeless and so hope to have my own home soon!

As the move up to Lancaster cost me £1300 in just removal fees I'm being really good and strict and downsizing on a massive scale keeping just those things I really love or have plans for...more about them to follow :-) After all the less I have to move the less it will cost!

I don't have the time or the energy to sell the things I don't need and so it is being given away to various friends and charities and Freegle. I have given away the mass of craft stuff that would take me a million years to get through (ok so that is a big 'Coleman' exaggeration that we are known for) and things like a dog crate that cost £40 and was never used. You might think I'm mad just giving it all away (Surely I need some money for my move?) but do you know what? It is totally liberating! It is a blessing to me to know these things are going to people who need them or supporting some worthwhile charity (and that also means every time we take stuff to the Wolfwood dog rescue charity shop at the end of our road we also end up spending more money there hehe) And maybe through giving it all away God will provide for my needs from some other unexpected source though I am trying to save up too and not spend too much money! In preparing for my brothers visit last weekend we had a big clean up and clear out and actually got rid of most of the stuff under the stairs (and there was a LOT!) Mum and Dad are planning a move in the future too and so they are taking a leaf out of my book and getting rid of lots too :-) I think that makes it more fun and easier cos one of us isn't hoarding while the others are clearing out. It's a clean sweep and very cathartic.

So watch this space for more news and plans and how I do end up making my home on that non-existant budget :-)

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