Friday, 8 July 2011

New! Birthday Organiser and Book!

A few weeks ago my dear friend Maria made herself some dividers for a basket she had to help her be more organised with birthdays etc. Well I loved the idea and I too needed to be more organised and went shopping on ebay to find a suitable holder for some dividers. Well the first purchase, though pretty and is being put to good use for my laptop bits (another good idea of Marias), was too small. Back to ebay with a better idea of mearurements required and found a lovely little wicker basket with handles and for a good price (which I don't remember) I don't have a pic of the empty basket I'm afraid. So armed with a basket and measurements I cheekily asked Maria to make me some dividers which she readily did. I left the choice of graphics up to her but she knows me well and I love them! They are also way better than I could have produced with my own printer so very professional

Anyway onto the next project (a week or 2 of card making later) I thought the next thing I needed was a birthday book to sit in the front of my birthday basket. This was prompted by a free tutorial for a birthday book from Craft Creations (the birthday book is the 4th project on the list). Well I didn't like the book but I liked how it was made. I asked Maria if she could send me the graphics she used for my birthday dividers which she did and then using my new Photoshop skills I designed each A5 page required for the book. It has taken me a few days to do all the graphics and sort out a couple of problems caused by doing it from memory and to get used to my still new printer! But this morning I got them all printed and folded.

Then after lunch I got out the necessary craft items to stick my book together. Double sided sticky tape and some scissors. It was great and so easy and not at all messy like it would have been if I tried glue!!

I taped each edge and then carefully stuck the right page onto the tape.

Oh I must also mention with the above right photo that the card graphic on the cover is courtesy of The Graphics Fairy (if you haven't visited her before you should she has a amazing range of vintage images free to use. She does backgrounds too)

Here are the pictures of the finished book, front and back as it is concertina style...

Just one job left to do...Stick on a piece of ribbon with which I could keep the book closed and of course because it's pretty! :-) So here are the last 2 pics...

The finished book and in it's own little place in the front of my birthday basket. I have to say I have enjoyed this project despite the problems which included running out of double sided sticky tape on the last page (so I then used my latest favourite product...glue squares from Dovecraft (I bought mine when visiting Maria in Leominster so I needed to find an online seller and am happy to have found one)

So what do you think? Do you like it? I love it! I am looking forward to being more organised...once I've written everyone I can think of in my book :-) (lets hope I can remember them all as I don't seem to have them anywhere else (if they're not on facebook that is lol)

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  1. ooh Teri, its all looking so pretty ... perfect for being an organised girl!
    Maria x

  2. Thank you Maria especially for all the bits and bobs you provided me with it :-) xxx


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