Friday, 10 December 2010

And Now My Hat Is Finished!

Woohoo I have finished my first ever hat and I have done so without a pattern so I could match the stitch to the one on my scarf.

It's not perfect but then it is my first go at it. I'm sure there are many things I would change if I made another one but it is all a learning process!

 This is what it looks like on...

Not a great picture! I'm sure I will hate to see my ugly mug on here! Thank goodness it won't be there long! What can I post about next? hehe

I hope you like what I have done and are inspired to try something new and adventurous! Despite my concerns about the way I have made this up I am very proud of my achievement! Thank goodness I don't have to look at myself in it every time I go out! 

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  1. It looks GREAT! Look forward to seeing what you come up with next xD Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

    Linda @ Crochet Dreamz


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