Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Wreath

A couple of years ago we got a Christmas Wreath from Freecycle...yep for free! It looked a little like this (this is the back cos I forgot to take a photo before I started)

Back of Wreath

Close up of Front

 Well the first year we got it I bought some, um, I'd like to say silk flowers as that sounds better than fake but I doubt they are silk and added them in just dotted around. Bought from the pound shop they cost about £4. Well this year I popped in the pound shop again and went a bit mad! Spent about £6 or £7. I looked at it and thought it might be better to start again and so I removed all the flowers and starting from the bottom middle I rebuilt my wreath.

First third completed
next third completed...It's looking good
Finished and in position!

All finished and isn't it looking lovely? Mum and I both love it and the total cost? Not more than £10 over 3 years! Bargain!

So Folks, have a look around see what you can find and how you can personalise it and without breaking the bank!

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