Sunday, 12 December 2010

New Scarves

Encouraged by my success with my hat and scarf I am making some more scarves to enable me to learn new stitches. 2 of the scarves are gifts for my dad and newly adopted Granddad but I have started one that I may sell in my Rainbow Cottage shops.

Here are the early photo's

 This is for my Granddad. I do like the pattern and the wool is lovely and soft but it is quite slow growing and a bit tiring so it will be nice to have other scarves to swap to. I think this pattern would look lovely done the length of the scarf instead of the width. 

My Nan gave me this orange wool about 5 years ago. It is so not my colour so I have taken all this time to find a way of using it so it isn't overpowering! Mum thinks that it's looking good as a christmas banner or maybe even crocheted tinsel! what do you think?

This is what it will look like when I do the nest few rows.

I will add my dad's scarf when I've started it possibly tonight!

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